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Thread: How much would you pay ??

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    How much would you pay ??

    A friend of mine that has 1000 acres of stalking is thinking about advertising for paid accompanied stalking.

    The land is in Warwickshire. Both woodland & open fields.

    There are Roe, Muntjac and small amounts of Fallow on the land. He is the "Stalking Licensee" of the land, so all the i's & t's are ticked contractually.

    It would be a mixture of both walking stalking & highseat stalking.

    There would be an area to check zero so both parties are happy.

    There are no trophy animals to be shot, cull bucks (Roe & Fallow) ok but any Muntjac that is able to be shot regardless of size.

    The question is how much would people be prepared to pay ?



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    Whereabouts in the country is it? That will be a major factor in determining price.


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    I would say based on my and other peoples prices:-

    Accompanied walk and stalk 60-80 inc cull animal
    Un-accompanied 40-50

    Subsequent beasts possible extra 20 each ( i dont charge extra on cull animals, more shot the merrier normally)!

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