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Thread: Ordnance Survey question!

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    Ordnance Survey question!

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    This one has got me stumped! Looking at a piece of land I shoot on on an ordnance survey map. The next door land is marked with a purple line around and in the middle stands the symbols AL, as the image above! If it had been NT i.e. national trust then it makes sense as they are marked in exactly the same way in purple with a boundary of a purple line around it, but AL?? On the ordnance survey website: Ordnance Survey: Abbreviations on maps

    it says AL stands for Alley.

    Any help?
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    I wouldn't know for sure but the OS do put deliberate errors on their maps to help them discover if other commercial organisations are making unauthorised copies. atb Tim

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    Access land ie open access????

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    As srvet says, the purple line enclosing the area, plus the AL, is the old way of denoting Access Land.

    This has since been replaced by yellow tinting (see: http://www.magazine.ordnancesurveyle..._utmk=99595934)

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    Other access land. Listed on the info panel of 1:25000

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    Cheers chaps! That does make sense fr the area I am talking about!

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