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Thread: Which calibre

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    Which calibre

    I know this must have been asked numerous times, however would appreciate thoughts.

    I am about to purchase my first rifle and at this stage would only want to purchase 1, I know like shotguns different bores for different tasks etc, but I would like one to shoot again if possible everything from CWD to Reds/Boar, I have homeloaded shotgun cartridges for a long while, but at the moment with a young family etc don't have the time to re-load at this stage so readily available ammo. Happy to take recommendation for model etc, budget is approx £1k rifle same for scope.


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    I would recommend the 25-06 more than capable on the animals you wish to shoot if you want a bit more energy then there is the 270. The savage axis package is a great starter outfit for only £649 but the only cal that would fit your spec in the Axis is 308. Other wise look for a second Sako 75 and put a secondhand German Scope on it.
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    .270 for my pennys worth but if you have access to try any of the calibre's that are out there then thats the best way and see what sits comfortable with you. If your confident in your choice of Rifle, Calibre, Ammo etc etc then it makes all the differance when you put it up to take a shot.

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    This is easier than you think. First of all ask yourself what you want to do with it and if stalking is your hobby or if driving around gunshops trying to find ammo or components is your hobby.

    If you want to save time to go stalking then buy something that is common as muck, and that will still be common as muck in 5 years time when the current "flavour of the month" has passed us by. Take a look at the threads on here where someone gets sucked into buying some strange cartridge and the next post after their announcement of the new rifle arriving is asking if anyone knows where they might get ammo.

    Given that I believe the most common cartridge in use by UK stalkers is the 243 but if you want to shoot bigger deer then the 308 or 270 probably comes to the top of the pile and if you think boar will make up a significant amount of your shooting then the old standard 30-06 is probably the way to go, though the 308 is close enough as to make little difference especially if boar are only going to be an occasional thing. These cartridges were good for game 60 or even 100 years ago and I can still walk into a filling station in the Outer Hebrides and get offered a selection of ammo for my 308W which keeps me confident that I'm spending maximum time stalking deer and minimum time hunting around gunshops looking for ammo in a cartridge that was really trendy last year, but no one remembers this year.
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    .308 or .30-06 would be my choice Tikka T3 with a S&B 8x56 all you could need.....
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    +1 for 270win. Kill anything

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    308 would seem the best option to me. Loads of ammo available everywhere and you need never worry if you have enough gun on uk deer

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    Another for the .270 Win. !


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