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Thread: New mini folding gambrel + four Roe Does

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    New mini folding gambrel + four Roe Does

    Well myself and Chrisc went out this morning to try and thin a few Roe does out from my ground and also to test Cheshire Lads new mini folding Gambrel out, it wasn't long before we had the first 3 in the bag me shooting one Chris shooting 2 more with them gralloched we headed of to see what else was about we spotted six nice Roe bucks together and four more Roe Does Chris managed to bag another one, with that we decided to call it a day when we realized just how far we had to carry them back to the vehicle.What a great piece of kit Cheshire Lads mini folding Gambrel is, very light easy to use and made doing the gralloching a piece of cake oh and saved my back from all the bending over ! Attachment 25446Attachment 25445

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    cheers mate and i hoped it helped with your cull.


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    Thanks for field testing the our new "Mini" gambrel Nigel & the positive feedback.

    This is an addition to the current range profile of 12mm dia heavy duty & 10mm dia light weight models, at the moment I only have very limited stock as I got a few made up to test the market, also the product is not listed on the Monarch website as yet but should be in a couple of weeks.

    The spec is:

    > 8mm dia stainless steel bar
    > 250g weight
    > no top hook to reduce weight
    > 8.5" hanging centres
    > will also have the option of a belt holster soon


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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