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    Any one out got any comments about a good pair of binos ? Woodland stalking, fallow, roe, munt etc. Currently got a Nikon action ex 10 x 50 (good for general work from the motor) but they feel a bit heavy walking about after a few hours and had thoughts about something lighter and more compact. Maybe around the 7-8 / 30-40 ish. Haven't got a huge budget, scope and rifle have had the big end. (maybe around the ton/ton 50)

    Tks guys

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    i was given a pair of burris landmarks 8x32, i find them ok, think they are 100 mark

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    Bushnell h2o are not bad at all for the price 70-90. I got a pair where I was on a budget and was really impressed.

    check them out, good luck

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    For woodland stalking you needn't go beyond x7 magnification. You will, however, benefit from a large objective lens. 7x42 appears to be the most popular 'standard'. Do bear in mind that your field glasses will be used more than any other piece of kit and where reliability and quality will certainly pay dividends. It matters little what 'scope you have if you can't find the deer in the first place!

    As someone once said, "A 'scope is for a rifle but binoculars are for life."

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    If you can, just keep saving until you have about 400 quid and try to find a set of swarovski 8x30's.

    Get the best you can afford, but if you buy that cheap, then you will only have to buy again in the future. A set of zeiss dialyt may even be cheaper. They are older, but they are still quality glass.



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    Like jingzy says, you do need to replace cheaper bins and it's definately worth geting a good pair. I had a pair of zeiss dialyt 7x42 until i left them in my car in Carlisle , they were fantastic and solid build so if you can get, do.

    Don't leave your bins in the car or for that matter go to Carlisle.

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    German Military

    Hi --

    I use a pair of the German military binos. Made by Hensoldt, a division of Zeiss and they are brilliant.

    The Fero D-16 8x30. Small, waterproof, rubber armoured and optically superb !

    You can also get the later Steiner D-12 8x30 but the Hensoldt's are a better glass !

    If you go onto the German eBay (This example is the top price you will need to pay - there are others which pop up regularly at the 100 to 150 price bracket.)


    Mole and Pest Control

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    I bought some Zeiss Dekarem 10x50 when I started stalking, the multicoated ones are slightly better than the non coated.
    On ebay 80 for non coated, 120 plus for multi coated.
    Or Zeiss Jenoptem 10x50, got to check for Japanese fakes though.

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    I bought a pair of Leitz Wetzlar 7x42 for 250 a while back. They are very small, light, waterproof I think nitrogen filled and very good considering they're probably 20 years old. I told a mate of mine about them and he said they'd be "crap, not worth the money and not as good as his Zeiss BGATs". Thats until he had a go one evening and then he admitted there was "Nothing wrong with them! I wish mine were that light"...I took that as a very rare compliment off the Old B

    These are the 8x model(and suprisingly expensive for old bino's)

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    I bought these Minox 8x42's from this supplier on E-Bay earlier this year & they are a cracking pair of bino's. I cannot fault them or the service provided by the company & at around 170 delivered damm good value in my opinion.


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