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Thread: 0.17 HMR cleaning rod

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    0.17 HMR cleaning rod

    Hi all,

    Anyone know where I can buy a good, single piece (not a three piece screw together job) cleaning rod for a 0.17 HMR that won't break the bank? My Sako didn't like my last cheapy one and split the rod at the join before the brush even got into the chamber!


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    The Tipton ones are very good, available from reloading solutions.

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    Agree with danpd that Tipton are very good. I have a Dewey 17HMR that I bought with my CZ452 and bent on the first cleaning. They're not stiff enough in 17.
    The Tipton is carbon fibre and very stiff and smooth. They take the same fittings as a Dewey but note they are not the same as the old Parker Hale types.
    I got mine from midwayuk and Norman Clark (Rugby).
    You can get ProShot brushes etc that fit fine and I source mine from ebay...

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    I have the dewey one and never had any problems with it bending.they should all have a bit of give in them or they would snap

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    +1 for the tipton.

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    Tipton, without a doubt.
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    Failing that, Boretech. Excellent coating that won't scratch or come loose. Got mine from Sportsman. Takes Tetra and Proshot tools. Don't buy cheap plastic coated. The sleeves go slack and wrinkle up so you can't get them down the bore.

    EDIT: Actually, on inspection I think the Boretech might be carbon fibre as well. Mine's a 36" for CFs and there's no flexing problems at all.
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    For me there is only one choice, Pro-Shot polished stainless steel.
    I feel this way for all calibre's, but it is most relevant to rimfires.
    The priming compound in rimfires contains powdered glass, this stuff is not bore friendly.
    If you use a coated or carbon rod dirt and combustion residue will get ingrained in the rod with use.
    Ask your self one question, is an abrasive cleaning rod a good idea ?


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    I have a Parker hale plastic coated one piece 17 cleaning rod and it is excellent, takes pro-shot accesories with the right adaptor.


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    Phosphor b's and jags, adaptors etc in bulk direct from Dewey.


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