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Thread: SD Level 1 sponsorship

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    SD Level 1 sponsorship

    I have posted this in General Discussion but I think it merits a mention here.

    'Since putting our intentions on the site about our proposed sponsorship we have had quite a few offers of help in various forms. Some of these have been the offer of cash, although appreciated can I just say that we do not wish to receive cash, we are not doing this to make money and if we were to accept donations then this accusation could easily be levelled, and this we do not want.

    Moray Outfitting have offered to donate training, they were our original supporters in this and deserve recognition, as have BASC, we pay the registration fee which cannot be avoided and they provide the training. DSC Training have also offered to make their website and online learning facilities available for the successful applicants. Although BASC are providing the training, by way of donation, that is their only involvement in this endeavour. I have spoken to Peter Marshall, who made the offer of BASC's behalf, and he has assured me that they fully support us in this and wish to support us and not promote themselves in this, so no negative comments please.

    As this is our first year we intend to provide the level 1 opportunity for three people, one in the North of Scotland, One in the Midlands and one in the South of England. Who will be eligible? Basically a novice to stalking who can convince us of their worth to go on the course. Therefore any applicant who wishes to be considered should submit there reasons to Admin and we will consider each and everyone of them, our word is final.

    All that we ask in return is that whoever is chosen will keep us, the site membership, informed of their progress in the form of a blog or articles something that we can read. Not just "I attended on the day and was successful" we want to know how your preparation is going, obviously how the course went and then what follows. By this we mean that if you are lucky enough to have been offered stalking or someone to be your mentor, kit, anything at all that impinges on your journey into the world of stalking we want to know. Remember there is always someone who can benefit by sharing your experiences, you could become a sort of online mentor.

    Of course the dates will remain a mystery until we have chosen who is to go on the courses, but now is the time for applicants to start submitting their "cases", contact Admin will do for this.

    To kick things off for the successful candidates, whoever gets the North of Scotland nomination and achieves their level 1 can go stalking my ground for as many outings as it takes for them to grass a beast. I also know that Malcolm will help out the South of England applicant in some way as well.

    Can I also ask that anyone wishing to donate, anything but money, contact me as Malcolm is away more than me with clients, thank you all and good luck to the prospective candidates.'

    Following on from the posting of the above we are now able to add another two placements in the North of England, these two offering free accommodation if required. I should make it clear that the scheme is up and running and applications are invited from suitable people, new stalkers. You can make your application by using the contact admin form or e-mail me direct

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Update, now thanks to the generosity of Carlton Moor range we are up to six places, well done and thank you,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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