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Thread: How much should a shot cost?

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    How much should a shot cost?

    Hi all, so how much should a shot cost the stalker for the different species?

    What I really want to know is how much is a fair price for the different species to get your shot in around the uk. Not some much medals heads but just to shoot each species.


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    I think that's an unanswerable question. You can't factor in everything you would need to take the shot. From footwear to Binos, rifle sling to buying the primer.

    If you look at it from that way, then so far I think all the deer I have shot in the last 2 years (30-40) including what I paid for the syndicate, vehicle all equipment I think each deer has cost about.....


    Again depending on who you shoot with and your location, this can vary from free to £500.

    A difficult question, but good for thought

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    I guess it also depends on how fortunate or unfortunate the Stalker has been in having to shell out for his or her lease..

    Leases down in Poole can range from free to one person i now of thats paid 20k hence you might not be suprised that stalking with them is not cheap..


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    Ouch, that a lot of cash PS1.

    So what you these lease holders charge to the average stalker just to shoot a deer? I was offered 'guatenteed Muntjac' at £220 for the day recently when I looked about. My thoughts on the matter were enough said.

    Outfits in D&G offer roe from under £100 a day and hinds in Highland start at £120 if you fish about. High seat sika with RR is paid at £25 a point + £35 for the outing If you drop one.

    Honestly, I just wanted to shoot a muntjac but the prices I was quoted were too scary. Is it obviously a case of supply and demand that sets these prices or am I missing something. Still looking for munties if anyone has a recommendation.[/list]

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    roe steak

    Was £200 for any muntjac, or something special?? Where I stalk it's around £50 per outing and then prices vary for muntjac from £20 up to £120 depending upon sex/points. Roe similarly go from £20 up to £200.

    Whether you think this is expensive or not (and please, let's not get back into that argument) it does mean that a client will pretty much know when they have their sights on a deer what it is going to cost, which is surely the way it should be??


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    It was £220 all day, as many as you can shoot but a trophy / big buck would be extra. What do you think?

    Where you shoot sounds fair.

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    Given there is no such thing is a ‘guaranteed’ stalk I would say 220 for a day is a lot, unless you’re lucky and shoot yourself a couple of munties or a nice trophy. I would say out of all the species muntjack are the most elusive and unpredictable! I never offer any sort of guarantee when I take clients or even friends out so I would be careful about paying £220 without speaking to someone who has been with this stalker before.

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    I do still want my muntjac if anyone can help!?

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    clive raises a very good point munjac can be very hard to find and i would be very wary about paying £220 and have a possible blank. can you not get whom ever it is to give you a price per animal? that way you can spend what you want

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    Hi roe steak

    Im sure Sako 85 wont mind me saying drop him a pm..

    Got my first ever munty with him..

    Of all the species as clivecleaver says the muntys are one of the hardest to get on especially as you keep saying to yourself Damn as another one speeds past then another Damn

    Sako is a straight talking guy a real gentleman and a good laugh so if he does help, you will be on for a good time and be sure exactly what you will be shelling out..



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