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Thread: F.A.C Conditions.

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    F.A.C Conditions.

    Afternoon all,
    out of interest, has anyone ever had conditions on their fac altered, after variation or renewal, making them more restrictive. i.e open to closed? I know that there are no appeals against conditions and was under the impression that they could be altered by the chief constable at any time. Just wondered if anyone had actually had them changed and what was the outcome?

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    This may not be what your asking but after a variation, i had my 223 listed as fox and vermin when perviously it was roe deer, fox and vermin. i went in to question it and ending up opening a major can of worms. after about 3 hours of trying to tell the lady at strathclyde police that i was right and and she was wrong i ended up with it fixed.

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    I always photocopy my FAC before sending it in. That way you can say why is it on the one I sent in

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    Mine gets the fox condition taken off my 6mm rem every time it goes in. This is followed by a heated phone conversation where I am told I have a .223 for fox and small deer so I dont need it on the 6mm.
    They then get a request in writing attached to my FAC along with an explanation about having to leave one rifle unattended in the vehicle whilst I use the other (copy sent to the chief constable as well).
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    After my FAC was renewed last year i had .243 and .308 added on, i asked for it open, My FAC came closed for .243 and .308 and there was a supervisory condition.
    So i returned to the firearms dept asking them to remove it and i had to send in proof of my past experiance, i also asked for them to grant it open.
    It came back with this condition removed but still closed.
    A few months later i tried to get my FAC for .243/.308 open again but this time they said i had to buy the rifles(which made sense) and show useage to.
    So fineally at in the new year i returned my FAC asking them to grant it open and i also asked them to AOLQ as well, 3 months later my FAC returned open and eith AOLQ added to.
    I find west mercia slow but reasonable in what you ask for. I always photocopy my FAC to.

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