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Thread: Looking for some help with DSC 2 prep

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    Looking for some help with DSC 2 prep

    So.. I've just paid a few days wages for 20 sheets of paper and even gifted the BDS with a beautiful picture of myself... It can only mean one thing..! I now have my DSC 2 folio.

    Im looking for some help... Before I progress onto witnessed stalks I'd like to confirm what I already know.. Ensuring I know enough to pass, I think I do, just the naming of things etc..! Are there any deer gurus on here who could lend a hand? I can't really afford to pay being the only snag, baby on the way and all that good stuff! I've just over to thornbury s.glous.

    Also any local AW on here for where the time comes?


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    Jack have you got your own ground with plenty of deer on it.?

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    Unfotunatly not mate, my ground is up in Dumfries and Galloway... Just moved down here for a new job.. :/

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    Jack D&G is a big place! where are you close to? There a fair few AW's in the area though...

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    I must admit to you being a bit bold getting your PF mate you don't know if your ready and you ain't got ground to shoot on and you have no money to finace some one else,s deer. My feeling would be contact the site Admin see if they have any start up initiatives, on the go

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    6 pointer, you're right! Literally not after shooting, just getting a look, I know it's an ask! Just wondered if there were any kind hands around, I'm not shy of doing some grafting in return! Thanks for the advice though, Paul my ground in Scotland is st johns town of Dalry... Thanks

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