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Thread: moderator glare

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    moderator glare

    Hi folks,

    apologies if this has been covered extensively before...

    Does anyone have effective tips for cutting moderator glare when solo lamping with a scope mounted light?

    I understand simply taping across the bottom of the scope is supposed to be effective - anyone tried it?

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    I've got my Hardy Gen IV wrapped in cloth camo tape to stop "pings" against branches, but would stop glare as well.

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    Tape across the lower third of the scope lens,I have also used a short length of plastic tube from a rod case, good for keeping out driven rain, you could also try keeping the lamp further forward & to one side, but this takes a lot of practice.Steve.
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    I've an old neoprene mod cover that I don't use (made the mod look huge). Cut the muzzle end plug out, so it was a cylinder. That end fits over the objective lens of my scope (I use a 6x42) and you can slide it back and forth until the other end butts against the mod, which keeps it quite stable. Doesn't seem to interfere with the scope or zero, as it's neoprene it doesn't damage the scope or the rifle and is relatively easy to take on and off. Also keeps the rain off the lens.

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    black sock. it also helps to place the lamp at the rear of the scope and then the objective will cast a shadow over the moderator.

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    The perfect cure.


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    my scope is really low to the rifle , as the lad at weldon gun room said it make it more accurate unfortunately i never thought about the scope lamp and I get seriously bad glare I've found filters help a little, raising the scope so the cross hairs are at the bottom of the beam. I also found raising my cheek on the comb on the stock a little helps. Going to try the plant pot on the lightforce trick tomorrow night.

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    I was getting a lot of glare back from the mod on my .22LR, with the lamp mounted on the top of the scope.
    Then I tried mounting the lamp on the underside of the mod, and it worked a treat!

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    i get the same from a low mounted scope
    bottom 1/3-1/2 of objective has a strip of tape across which seems to work

    tried the sock, the lampshade, even slung it under the mod (which works but made it unbalanced)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    The perfect cure.


    Looks the business Neil. I take it this is of plastic tube and is tapered at the Obj.lens. ?

    Rgds, Buck.
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