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Thread: 125gr remington .308

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    125gr remington .308

    hi all,
    has anyone used 125gr .308 remington softpoints on roe??
    have had 2 good clear hits using the 150gr softpoints to be left 2 long follow ups, good blood trail to track no problem
    but the heavy bullet seems to pass through with out the knockdown effect.
    my way of thinking was, until i got .308 was using .243 with 105gr softpoints and dropped most roe where they stood.
    have now sold .243 so need to work around it with the .308
    any info or thoughts would be helpful

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    Which 150 gn soft points are you using?

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    My dad shoot 125 nosler BT in his 308. roe drop like a stone meat damage is a bit high if you are forward but its a good flat round he also shoot all his red with the same round again no issues.

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    Sounds like you need to try some other 150 grain bullets as the 308 normally drops them quite quickly. Exactly where did the bullets hit?

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    Sako 123g Soft Points in .308 work well out of my old Pro Hunter and my new A7 likes them though still playing with others at mo.
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    +1 sako 123g
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    +1 for the sako 123g used them in 308 for past 2 years they shoot half inch groups at 100 yards and I cannot better that with reloading+at 28 a box they are cheaper than many,shoot mostly red but had no problem with roe and previously reloaded with hornady 150g boat tail soft points which performed perfect on any deer but the 123g are certainly flatter shooting

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    When I worked on a estate we tried all different 308 ammo,the most consistent round ie grouping, expansion and weight retention was Norma 150 bt,I still use it today on everything I shoot. Expansion is the most critical factor in dropping the animal.

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    I find the federal 150 grain to work a treat. At 24 a box you cannot go wrong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1 View Post
    Sako 123g Soft Points in .308 work well out of my old Pro Hunter and my new A7 likes them though still playing with others at mo.
    I've recently stopped using Sako 123g. They weren't too bad on Sika and they always stopped them, but on Roe, especially at woodland ranges, there was too much bruising and meat damage.

    I'm shooting hand loads with 150 grn Hornady Interbond now. Its early days but so far very promising.

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