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Thread: Redfield scopes any good

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    Redfield scopes any good

    Has anyone had anything to do with the new redfields after leupold took them over? I have a Leupold vx2 on my 223 and am happy with it.
    I know they cant be as good as S & B etc but some of us are on a tight budget
    Any thoughts?

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    A good mate of mine uses one on his steyr , good little scope I think !

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    Sadly they are not what they were in the 70's.

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    I looked at them at the CLA in 2011 - I wasn't impressed, when I was ready for a good scope I bought a Zeiss Duralyt

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    Its a great no-nonsense scope for very little money, I use one on my 243. and it's served me well this far...

    the only downside is that in very low light the fine cross hairs at tough to make out.

    having just purchased a more expensive scope the difference is noticeable...

    If you are after a good scope for under 250 then I can recommend it.

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