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Thread: Rifle Cleaning Advice

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    Rifle Cleaning Advice

    As a novice I would like some advice on rifle cleaning.
    I have on advice bought a bore snake for my 6.5x55 and my 17HMR
    My question is should I apply some gun oil to the barrel before cleaning or some on the snake or not at all.
    Also I would assume you pull the snake from the chamber to the muzzle i.e in the direction of the bullet is this correct or does it make little difference.
    I have read on here some that don't ever clean their rifles and they hold zero fine and others that lose zero after cleaning.

    All a bit confusing.

    Advice appreciated.

    Blaser 6.5x55

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    OOOhhhh are you going to get a lot of responses ...

    All VERY confusing - but my opinion is that a snake is OK for the field if you have to. Other than that I use a rod and bush and wipeout - oh and a bore guide. Lots of stuff on here about cleaning but have a search for wipeout ... Some good video clips posted as well....

    wipeout | Search Results | coriniumrange
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    Would only use the boresnake in a rifle when there wasn't another option: I've one for my 10/22 and for a 357 Winchester 1873. The main issue is that they (a) are not that effective and (b) will wear the muzzle crown no matter how good you are.
    Try a decent rod and get a bore guide. I use Tipton rods (carbon fibre) and have three: one for the 17, one for the 22-250 and one for the 30-06 and bigger. They're as stiff as a stiff thing and smooth. The bore guide is important as it helps reduce the wear on the throat.
    I use a pretty simple routine: Ed's Red (just google it!) less the acetone for about 10 - 20 bronze brush runs, then KG12 to remove any copper and a final wipe out with Ed's Red and a then a dry patch or two. If you're shooting one or two rounds you'll not need the latter too much unless the bore's as rough as a badger's butt.
    This works for me and has worked for years in my hunting and target guns...
    Best of luck as there are thousands of techniques!

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    This is the system I use, it's very good and very easy.

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    Don't use fluid on the boresnake as it will stay in the barrel after cleaning.

    I only used the boresnake in the field as an emergency. The Hmr one will be a struggle when it's fouled.

    I'm using patch out bore cleaner and accelerator, then methylated spirit on a pull through patch to remove residue, then dry patches until nothing comes out.

    If this causes you accuracy issues then try not cleaning at all, or only every 50 shots.

    There's no universal rule - just find what gives you the most predictable accuracy and stick with that!

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    IMHO the best thing to do with the bore snake is throw it as far as you can.

    Get a good cleaning rod the correct fitting and size brushes and some good cleaning fluids.

    Of course I am old fashioned in that i still use P-H 009 as general barrel cleaner. If there is copper fouling build up I then remove the powder fouling with 009 then wipe it out with flannel patches on a jag then apply Forest Bore Foam to remove the copper.

    The only pull throughs I have are as collectables. Their being some original 303 Enfield ones. They are still wrapped as they came in drawer along with the oil bottles and that's where they will stay. I have several P-H cleaning rods that I use in cleaning I also use rods on the shot guns.

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    When I asked a similar question some years back the reply was;
    "Why pull muck back through the bore time and time again once its clean" ?

    Rod,patches and slovent for me when cleaning.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaser6.5x55 View Post
    I wasted 50 then !
    Maybe not. You might find that the HMR takes along time to settle down again after a clean with sovlents. Mine does so I just give it a pull through with the snake if I've put more than a couple of shots through it in an outing and that seems to work. It does take a bit of patience to get it through a heavily fouled barrel though.

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