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Thread: They're ganging up on me

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    They're ganging up on me

    Just been up north to our forestry lease was out first light it was a nice morning if not a bit still, stalked into a large patch of clearfell was glassing for about 20 mins and spotted a doe with two young at about 450yds away and after working out how to get closer set off across the ground keeping an eye on the deer and trying to not to make a sound i dropped into a gully and gained some distance and slid up at the side of a stump only to see them just walking into the trees
    So i sat down and waited for another 15 -20 mins cursing the fact that i wasn't quick enough , was just thinking about moving when out walked a Hind calf and yearling (we have an out of season ticket on this patch) so off i went to get a bit closer thinking how long its going to take me to get these out. Got into a position at 150yds flipped up the scope cover told the dog to stay put the gun to my shoulder and Bow Bow Bow the bloody Roe had come back out and where standing 50 yds behind me off went all 6 deer like rockets and left me sitting in an empty patch of forest
    never saw another thing all day
    Don't you just love Stalking


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    good writeup, I think we have all been there mate.LOL happened to me with some fallow this weekend.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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