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Thread: rifle scope for around 150 to go on a .222

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    rifle scope for around 150 to go on a .222

    second hand scope new/ or advise on what to get please, the scope will be used on my .222 for foxing manily under the lamp,

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    simmons wtc 6.5-20x50, within budget ,about 120 will get a spot on one, and perfect for your needs

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    2nd hand S&B either 6x42 or 8x56.

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    Good luck with the S/B but i used to have a Simmons WTC 3.5-10x50 on a .22-250 and it did alright. Nothing like as good as a swaro, nightforce, zeiss etc but held a zero and as long as the light was on the fox and not too far away (can identify a fox better with my nightforce further away) then it did just fine!

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    cant fault both s&b's , ive had both and would be perfect, but if you can find them within your budget then well done your a lucky man

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    if any1 want to sell me a s&b 8x56 for 150 id be 1 very happy man!!

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    Meopta 6x42 or 7x50.
    Second-hand they go for around your budget on fleabay.


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    Edgar brothers 8x56. Got one on my .243 and .22 hornet .
    Meopta on my 30.06
    Each scope was less than 150 second hand in good nick.

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    im still looking, i would like a bigger objective 50mm with 12x mag+ if possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonefoxin View Post
    if any1 want to sell me a s&b 8x56 for 150 id be 1 very happy man!!
    I will have a couple at that price too lol

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