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    What are howa rifles like?Thanks in advance

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    I have one in .308 calibre, a 1500 stainless in walnut stock. I am very pleased with it. I think you will find it is a copy of an earlier Sako.

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    Hit the Search Engine. You'll find heaps. I have several and I like them.~Muir

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    The Howa is a great weapon for its price, Took part in one of swedens biggest hunting magazines "Best class 1 gun" and won!

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    I understand its a Weatherby Vanguard by another name - certainly looks identical (I think Howa actually made the Vanguard for Weatherby?)

    I have a 243 stainless with the Hogue stock - brilliant piece of kit for the money - a good "working" rifle. Some people don't seem to like the stock but it suits me - I had on the gunshop counter a Tikka, a Remington 700 and the Howa - I chose the Howa.

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    I have the Howa 1500 in .243 and love it! It is a very good working rifle with a one piece bolt, and a solid build. I manage sub 1 inch groups out the box with federal factory ammo. I think for the money its hard to beat!

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    I have a Howa 1500 .243 stainless in a plastic camo stock and it's great. I've acheived 3/4inch groups with it and I'm sure it would do better in more talented hands. I put 95 grain nosler bt's through mine. The rifle was bought from Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting, a great bloke who was very helpful (it was my first c/f rifle), and who has a good selection of Howa actions/stocks.

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    Very good guns for the money i have one in 204

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krico308 View Post
    I think you will find it is a copy of an earlier Sako.
    I don't think you will.
    The Howa design is good and incorporates features found on several other rifles, but the myth that it is a copy of an old Sako is just that- a myth.

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    They are good. Comparison side by side with a Sako Finnbear out of their stocks supports the 'myth'! However, always open to learn so if 20-250 has any light to shed on that aspect I'd genuinely be interested. I understood Howa manufactured an early Sako version and subsequently acquired certain tooling from Sako. But understanding isnt the same as knowing - so would be interested in any info.

    Everyone I've encountered thus far has shot very well - often they benefit from a trigger tweak. 243 versions love Federal 100 Power Shok, 105 grn Geco and Privi 100grn amongst others.

    My least favourite is the Hogue basic stock - but there are plenty of options and the Bell & Carlson is a personal favourite.

    HOWEVER - rifles are intensely personal things. Hence a lot of the heated debate that crops up on here. No amount of positive or negative reviews should be your only guide. It is very hard to beat actually handling and if possible shooting a rifle before making a choice.
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