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Thread: Poll: How many people have

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    Poll: How many people have

    got enough stalking of their own, and how many people would like to have and manage their own ground.

    Answer the poll honestly, don't say you would like more if you already have ground.

    Also would you / could you manage 500 hectares properly.


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    I was fortunate to get hold of a 1000ish acres, due to my job commitments, I am not on there as often as I would like to be, but on the flip side of that, there are not many bucks/stags on there so it's not much of an issue at the moment. Over the winter, I was up every weekend, looking about and juggling figures around to try and come up with the best plan for the place.

    There is a public footpath that runs up one side of the ground so the ground on that side is reasonably well disturbed especially over the summer months with dog walkers and cyclists. The other end is good and over the winter, I saw some good Sika Stags and Hinds, with the occasional Red thrown in also. There are Roe throughout but mainly Does with dependants. I know there are 4 bucks on there, fighting for the ground, I saw new proof of that last week when I was up, fraying etc.

    Would I manage 500 Hectares correctly, with my present circumstances, no, if I was home every day and able to go on at leisure, I'd hope to manage it properly, however, I would also seek advice from professional deer managers or those on here with vastly more knowledge than me.


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    i have a couple of hundred acres (which i pay for) and that is enough for me to manage properly and to be honest 500 hectares would be to much for me handle. this said i would like to do more stalking mainly for differnt species but it would be better for me to buy the extra deer i want rather than struggle to manage more ground, but buy far the biggest factor limiting my stalking is my wallet

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    I pay for all of my stalking , I have around 200 acres of rough shooting , but that doesn,t float my boat as it it used to.
    I would dearly love to have my own ground, as I am fortunate enough that my business only needs me present for a couple of days a week . I think I could manage 500 Hectares , time would not be a problem for me.
    However its finding that ground ,bit like the holy grail around here.

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    Could you define <having your own ground<

    I share a lease for some Roe stalking in Scotland. More locally a gamekeeper lets me stalk his estate in return for me helping him when he is busy. Neither of these areas are exclusive to me and I would not regard them as being my own ground.

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    I have enough ground for my self and have passed ground on to others .I feel it is only your ground if it is your lease etc if your on a lease it is not your as such. 500 HEC is in my opinion enough for most people to manage.

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    66% having their own ground was a pleasant suprise and was higher than i had imagined.. I wonder if that figure will drop as more replies come in..

    Constantly out with many diferent people from the site and off it i hope it is just a matter of time before lady luck strikes..


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    I don't have my own ground, and couldn't manage it if I did, due to the business and travelling all over the country with work.
    In a few years time I "might" have the time.


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    I have answered that I have my own ground but both pieces of land (2000 acres & 350 acres) are shared so even if I had time to manage them (which I dont) I'd be fighting a losing battle.

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    I am a member of a couple of syndicates so do not call any ground my own. I could manage 500 hectares as my main pastime is stalking, any spare time at all and I am out.

    The thing that determines the ability to do this is location from your house, terrain of the ground, species present and whether it is holding ground or transiting ground.

    Good question JAYB

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