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Thread: 204 Ruger Brass

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    204 Ruger Brass

    OK lads, what are the options for brass for the 204 Ruger?

    Does anyone have any decent quallity brass excess to requirements?

    Any quirks I need to know before starting to reload for said beast?

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    the only quirk i know of is getting the brass or you can get a forming die and form from 223 i think from memory i have the forming dies in stock if thats any use to you
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    the only quirk i know of is getting the brass.....
    I can trade my left nut for some from the States without much bother, though I would rather not. Perfectly happy to buy some once fired Sako or Norma if such exists.

    Might be easiest to buy a 100 rounds of factory ammo and go from there...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    When I got my first 204 I used Winchester brass exclusively .

    Before I got the second 204 I happened upon some used brass as well as regular dies and neck dies for a very nice price . Think the guy sold me about 400 pieces of brass . Half was Hornady and then about a 100 of Winchester and Remington . So I am set for a good long while .

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    Sako dont make 204 brass. Nosler custom and norma would be the best if you can find it.
    I use winchester myself, its supposed to be better than hornady and remington.
    I have loaded some of it 8 times now and its holding up well.

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    Easier to form from 222 mag brass. I had 40 unfired sako 222 mag brass and chucked it.

    A friend of mine just sold a 204 had had a couple of un opened 100 bags of norma. I could see if he has them still

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    Never had a problem getting brass for mine, I have Nosler and Winchester. The Nosler brass is excellent.

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    has to be .222 mag. 223 brass is for the 20tac

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