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Thread: Cost to get started

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    Cost to get started

    After a bit of advice on how much to budget to get started stalking. I'm a keen small game hunter and want to make the trasition into deer stalking so I'm interested to know how much you think I should budget for dsc1 and 2, a reasonable used rifle and the cost to get into an "average" sindicate. And of course anything else I've missed! Thanks in advance.

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    Forgot to say; I've got some lessons sorted so already know the price for tuition.

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    do you actually NEED level one and two? I know you are in jockland but.......

    anyway the rifle can be from £100 upwards, syndicates likewise how long is a length of string? easier up there Im sure but expect several hundred pounds.

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    I think you'll probably find that it will cost considerably more in time and effort than what it will cost financially if you are starting from scratch. But don't be disheartened: financially £hundreds to £thousands

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    DSC 1 I would recommend as it will also teach you about what else you might need! Level 2 can wait until you are ready which will be a while.
    Most of your clothing you will already have suitable if you hunt small game. Rifle and scope combination you should be able to pick up something used and fit for purpose for about £300. Binoculars are essential but you should get something useable for £50-100. Good knife is also essential but something like a Mora will cost about £10. Couple of hazel sticks or plastic coated canes from B&Q to rest on - no more than £5. Maybe an old army surplus rucksack?
    That would be enough to get you going, all of which can be upgraded as experience grows and cash becomes available.
    It doesn't have to break the bank!
    Just had a look on Guntrader and did a search for .243 & .270 rifles. There are 9 rifles at £200 or under including 2 x.270's at Tom Collins shooting supplies in Ayrshire!! (One is £150 and the other £175). Might be a good start point for you?
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    Swerve the syndicate option and buy some days from a reputable stalker (plenty on here will be willing to recommend)
    You will learn a lot more and you will be more likely to actually shoot deer.
    I would even recommend using their rifle for the first few. then you will know what a 308 feels like when it goes off.

    Rifles are like cars, everyone has their own opinion on how much they should cost and what brand is best.
    A "£100 vauxhall" will kill deer just as well as a "£80k Porsche"...they just cost more to do it.

    get a cheap, well made used rifle (easy to find under £300) and a fixed mag scope of decent quality (£50-250 tops) and learn to shoot it well.
    chose a cartridge that does what you want it to do with confidence without relying on inch perfect bullet placement. You will miss the point you want more to hit often than you (or anyone else on here) will care to admit.

    DSC1 and 2 is IMO not a prerequisite to go stalking.
    Get some paid stalks under your belt first and see how you get on before committing thousands to a accreditation that may not be "the one to have" in 5, 10, 15 years time

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    Thanks for the quick replies. How much should I be paying for days with a stalker?

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    If you stick to hinds/does/culls you can get some bargains £60-150 per dayish have a look through the ads on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richo View Post
    Thanks for the quick replies. How much should I be paying for days with a stalker?
    Have a look in the deer stalking available section buddy I think I saw some advertised in Scotland for roe @ £75 + £25 shot fee but others in your area may be able to give you a more accurate figure but like everything you can pay little to huge amounts for stalking, but this is a great way to get in to stalking before going the whole hog and joining a syndicate, you can go out stalking before you buy your own rifle using an estate rifle and would recommend doing this also.....

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    Equipment wise save that little longer and buy it once its cheaper in the long run beleive me.
    Your budget will only strectch as far as you can afford and only you no that, ring round and ask prices. I save hard and fast between April and October to spend in those remaining months. Don't be to hasty and stalk within first conversation etc..
    There recently has been posted on here a great deal by the mods on helping new comers like yourself out on as such starting packages, taake a look at the top of the page.
    This is a great site one that has considerably helped me out, look at the effort that monkey spanker has gone too already.

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