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Thread: Devon and Cornwall firearms

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    Devon and Cornwall firearms

    Just posted of my ticket, anyone had a variation recently? If so how long did ThanksTomThanksTom

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    Put mine in just before Christmas (D&C), back within 2 weeks. Think I was lucky though.

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    yeah pretty quick right now.
    Think they have caught up on the back log

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    They dealt with my most recent request pretty promptly (about 10 days)

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    Just had a renewal done and dusted in less than a week!

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    Oh so it's looking good then. Going for a variation and a change of condition so with any luck it won't take to long, thanks guys,


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    Yes D&C have put some bods on it and have removed the backlog. They're saying now that a one for one variation will be turned around in a fortnight. Seems to be being born out by the posts on here. This could be one of the first things Tony Hogg, our new Police Commissioner, has got a grip with thanks to some strong lobbying from BASC, BDS and NGO.
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    Good to know they've got it sorted.

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    I had a mate who had a variation for his first CF received one week after posting!!!

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    Was this recently or? Hoping to get it back son,

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