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Thread: Tail-end perspective

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    Tail-end perspective

    Hello everyone,
    I'm semi-retired from stalking after being in the business of deer management and control since 1971 when I exited the army.

    My re-introduction to the natural side of life was overseen by two real professionals.
    An ex-Lovat Scout sniper - one of the two best in the latter-day wartime scouts, and son of the stalking trade from the highland hinterland, and the other a canny shepherd-stalker-bachelor - who spent more time on the hill than in his house - and his house was immaculate.

    So I had to get a grip and pull the finger out if I was to slot into place and pull my weight.

    It's inevitable that a working life of management and selectice culling will bring about experience. Even a fool cannot avoid that.
    It's even more likely that the worst of us will learn a few useful things along the way, so, with that behind me, and having reached the age of more yapping than shooting, I thought that I might intrude and dip into your forum from time-to-time and give a hand, or at least attract some flack and help keep the interest going.

    One thing I have learned since I became less able to climb those hills, is that there's a ready hand to give a leg-up from those that I have met along the way.
    That's something you don't come across in many other walks of life, but then, there's a fellowship which just comes out amongst those who work amongst nature and real country sportspeople - they emerge from the strangest of places - not ALWAYS the countryside.

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    Welcome aboard Ecoman I for one could do with a leg up every now and then and I reckon your the man to do it.

    Their mostly a good bunch


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    Welcome sir!

    From your few post it appears to this relative novice that you certainly know your stuff!



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