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Thread: Bushnell 2.5-16 50 6500 elite any good?

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    Bushnell 2.5-16 50 6500 elite any good?

    Hi guys been offerd a Bushnell 6500 elite and was wondering if anyone has one and when do you recon to the optics? I know I should buy a Nightforce or a Zeuss but I cannot justify the cost.

    Thanks Multiman

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    Hi. Got one for my 6.5 when starting out. Been a great scope and good well into low light. I usually wind it down to 6 or 8 times mag to gather more light when really dark in the woods. Holds zero fine. My only downside was I could see the deer no problem but often found with melanistic fallow against a dark background I couldn't see the cross hair so have now gone for a zeiss duralyt with ill dot. Still got the bushnell which I will put on the 22-250 for lamping and sell the bushnell 3-9 that's on it. I'd say for the money they are pretty good.

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    Thanks for that info Woodmaster

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