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Thread: Problem with Redding Die's

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    Problem with Redding Die's

    I have a problem with my Redding Full length die that when pushing the primer out, the small pin falls out. The Pin is'nt dis-figured or bent in any way its perfect even tried the spare pin that comes in the box and the pin out of my Neck sizing die all having the same outcome, the pin falls out. I have just de-primed and full sized 50 cases with the pin dropping out on every third sometimes first case as I'm sure you can imagine I was getting a little frustrated with it. I have set the die right Lowering it down the thread til it just "kisses" the shell holder on the upstroke, I have cycled the case with no primer being pushed out then increasing half a turn each time trying it until the primer is pushed out then locking it off. I've even taken the whole die out each time taking it apart unscrewing off the chuck for the pin, inserting the pin and re-tightening the chuck the trying a case.

    The pin still falls out!!!

    If someone could please put me out of misery and tell me what I am doing wrong I would be very greatful
    Thanks Steve

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    Hi Steve, may be a fault? Just got mine out and checked, unscrew the centre and tighten the bit by the pin and mine is as tight as you like.

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    E-mail Redding they are very good at sorting problems ! had an issue with a seating die, sent an e-mail had a response question, answered the question and the reply was part in post !
    Very good company that stand by their products.

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    Have you tried the pin in the primer hole for fit/clearance.
    I had this with a set of Lee dies when de-priming small flash hole PPC cases.
    (with the Lee dies the pin just snaps off)


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    The Decapping pin is held in by a collet. Make sure this is tight.

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    Thank you to everyone that has read & replied to this thread.

    It was purely my Error I was being too light handed, I took the centre out of the Die like Penyard states. inserting the pin back in the guide I then tightened the collet right up, as tight as I could get it! Just done another 30 cases happie as pie now never skipped a beat!

    Thanks again to everyone

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