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Thread: Leupold Scopes

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    Leupold Scopes

    I currently have an EB Optimate 3-9x42 scope on my BSA Mod E. It's not a bad scope for the price, but can be a bit "wanting" when the light starts to fade. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Leupold, either a VX1 or a VX2 in 3-9x40 spec. Will I be getting an appreciable step up in quality/performance from the EB scope with either of those two? The last thing I want is to drop the thick end of 300 on a new scope for no real gain.
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    I like my leupold , but its a vxr , can't speak for vx1/2

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    I'd actually try and visit a gun shop, around that 5.00pm to 6.00pm time and try them. Problem is with the winter months going you've about a week, if even that, to now do so.

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    someone on here was wanting to sell their vx1 3-9x40 for 100 just about an hour ago no?

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    I would prefer a Bushnell over the leupold anyday in that price range

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    I got a louy on my 6.5 and its excellent at lat light. I'd buy another tomorrow. You get a lot of scope for your money. Ok it's not a Zeiss or Swarovski but very good. I've had buhnell, hawke and Simmons and also a crap copy. It beats all thoughs.

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    I have a very old Leupold 6x36 that I bought new more than twenty years ago and its never flinched. Its been on my 375H&H, 7x57 and 264WM with no problems.

    A while back I had a problem with a S&B which was on the 264 (reticle retention thingy came loose - was fixed) but in the interim I thought "I'll get a Leupold - good scopes" from the World's favourite sportsman store . On pulling this out of the box and looking through it I found the reticle was dangling in several pieces so phoned the "place". The "yoof" on the other end told me this could not be the case since the reticles are etched on glass - obviously I couldn't believe my eyes! So it was sent back anyway and a new one despatched. Same again. I asked for my money back - never again.

    I bought a secondhand Ziess from Gregor McLeod.

    I suspect that the Leupolds sold here are not actually made in the US but "somewhere" else, as are the Ziess scopes sold in the US not made in Germany. I do have a US Ziess and its brilliant - three hundred quid new on evilbay.

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    Optimate used to be really good Japanese glass and imo the the vx1 wouldn't b much better if any. With a 300 budget for low light u mite b better holding of for second hand meopta that would definatley make a big difference

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    Or if you could up ur budget to 350 u would get a good second hand s&b 8x56 and that's probably one of the best low light performers.

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    I have at one time or other owned:

    a VX1 3-9x50, (150 s/h)
    a VX1 3-9x40 (170 s/h)
    a Vx2 4-12x40 (250 s/h)
    a VX3 6.5-20x40 (700 new)

    they are very well made and build quality rivals if not surpasses many newer "plastic fantastic" high end models of the German makes
    The optics are very good, but there is still a clear difference between a top of the range Leupold and a top of the range Schmidt&Bender or Swarovski (not sure about Zeiss)

    Second hand they present a bargain and you can get a lot of scope for your money.
    Unfortunately they have gone the way of most of the manufacturers and make predominantly variable scopes which I have moved away from.

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