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Thread: cz/brno rings

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    cz/brno rings

    Here is a set of CZ/BRNO rings to fit the 550 and ZKK series (19MM dovetail with lug). They are 1".

    These are the original hilvers, not the cheap CZ copies.

    This set has been finely polished and nitre blued to a deep translucent and lustrous blue, which is very beautiful indeed, the job was a good 3hrs to do and I have used them only once as I replaced them with QD mounts.

    I would keep them but I just don't know when my next CZ/BRNO will come along, so might as well offer someone else the chance who wants to have a set that actually looks good.

    with the work gone into them, I'm looking for 40 posted and no offers please.. I'd also trade them with a set of warne high cz527 split rings in 1".

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    Pkl could these be reamed out to 26mm?


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    Hi Frank,

    I've just tried a 26mm zeiss scope in them without tightening them down, and it's almost a perfect fit, I'd say you could use them without reaming tbh, I know a lot of rings like the recknagels are now made 'in between' 1" and 26mm to to accomodate the european habit of taping the scope to avoid marks.

    with a 1" reamer and grinding paste you could have a spot on perfect fit in a few minutes I suspect; however, from the look of things, I'm not even sure you'd need to do so.


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    Thanks Peter i will get back to you as i am currently getting a mate to try the same with some others but not sure if it will work.


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    Just spoken with my friend who says he has managed to ream them out. I will test it with the scope on Saturday. I
    was worried as there wasn't a great deal to work with. Thanks for your time.


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    no probs, found another member wishing to purchase them who I've now offered them to.

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