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Thread: olympus binoculars

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    olympus binoculars

    hi, just woundering if any one has tried/used an pair of olympus binoculars. would like to know if there good value for money or if there cheap for a reason
    many thanks

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    I had a pair of EXWP1 (i think) 8x42. They were very good for the money (100) The twist out eye cups bit the dust after a year or so. I replaced them with swarovski bins so hard to compare but the image quality and ergonomics of the olympus bins was very good.

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    I've got the 8-16X40 DPS. I wanted some binos with at least 40 objective for low light use and my permissions are mixed woodland and open field so the zoom feature is used alot. They are a bit bulky compared to my mates swaros (which are excellant in low light) but at a 10th of the price I can live with that. I'm pleased with them but agree with Pete - the eyecups aren't the best. If they were damaged I'd buy another set without a doubt (unless I had the funds for a pair of swaro's). I guess it comes down to budget, intended use and personal choice / eyesight but I have no regrets with mine.

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    thanks for the info, its a great help

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    I bought a pair of their compact binos to keep in the glove box about 12 years ago and they are fine. I think back then they cost about 80 ............................... Whoops just checked and mine are Canon 8x32A. Anyway they are of Chinese manufacture and work just as one would expect of a Canon product. After changing cars they ended up on the sideboard for use in watching the birds on the feeders.

    Olympus have a good name to protect so I would not expect bad performance from them like these Canon ones.

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