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Thread: Scottish roe Rutt

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    Scottish roe Rutt

    Has anyone seen any signs of the Rutt in in scotland yet ? Been offshore for a fourtnight and havent heard out. On a chopper in 15 mins though so was just kean to find out any info.


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    I was out last Tuesday in D&G, The buck was getting the run around,he came so close to where I was standing,I could hear him panting.

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    I have heard that some areas in Moray are rutting. The bits I am on have not started yet but we are very close as the does are coming to the squeek but the bucks still have their heads down.

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    Saw a buck shagging a doe on the first 5 days early had a friend take a buck with me he was following so for me here in lanarkshire it is nearly done just one more outing or so.

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    Roe Rut

    The Rut is on we saw activity last weekend in Scotland. Bucks and Does are running together now so make the most of it.[/list]

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