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Thread: warne cz527 rings 1" high

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    warne cz527 rings 1" high


    if anyone has a set of these in good nick kicking about, please advise.

    I'd love to try the mediums, but think there will be bolt clearance issues and having just re-blued the bolt there will be no modifications. If anyone was offering a 'try before you buy' service with the mediums, that'd be great,,otherwise, I'll go highs for safety sake.

    can get online for 40, so used, I'm budgeting a bit less to set expectations.

    thanks for your interest (if any)


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    Hi I put warne high mounts on a 527 and design of the bolt still catches the scope zoom ring( mine was Meopta). I think there are the odd scopes like Leupold that won't catch but maybe others .
    id go large if its 50mm obj, but probably have to flap disk bolt handle and reblue it takes about 20 mins simple job to do but get it proper reblued as home kit wears off.

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    There is no risk getting the wrong mounts with a little thought.
    Mount the intended scope on the rifle using 2 blobs of plasticene, get the thing level and the eye relief correct.
    Make sure the bolt handle clears the scope and measure how high the rings need to be.
    The standard CZ 1 inch rings are .550 from top of dovetail to the bottom of the scope tube.


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    yeah, done that, I need 11mm ring height, the mediums are 10.7mm, and the highs are 13.5mm. I was just hoping that by some stroke of luck the mediums at 10.7 would still clear due to the fit in the dovetails

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    yeah, done that, I need 11mm ring height, the mediums are 10.7mm, and the highs are 13.5mm. I was just hoping that by some stroke of luck the mediums at 10.7 would still clear due to the fit in the dovetails
    They may still fit, .3mm is too close to call without actually trying them.
    I have ordered them from Optics Warehouse in the past for a try fit, they will swap or refund them, all it costs you is the postage.


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    Hi is it really that important 3mm i wouldnt waste the postage and just go for high mounts.
    You don't want scope that close surely! Will you shoot that much better?
    Id be surprised if you don't have to scalp the bolt handle or has it been done Already.

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    I have recently fitted an S&B 8x56 scope (30mm tube) to my CZ 527 (223) Varmint Kevlar on Warne high mounts. With this combination there is loads of clearance to the Bolt.
    Fortunately my calculated clearance on the Objective (to the barrel) was spot on and left me just 1mm clearance. So the scope is mounted as low as it can be!
    Now if I had the same S&B scope but with 1" tube, it would have hit the barrel. (a 1" S&B 8x56 would I believe not fit with the High Warne Mounts whilst the 30mm tube version will).

    I just had to dremmel the front bikini scope protector to fit.


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    You have pm ! If you look at the Warne mount chart, there is only a fractional difference between the high and medium Warne sizes due to the 527's mauser actions high bolt throw.

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    if you had had the courtesy to reply to my message yesterday you could of had my my surplus to requirements medium and high warne rings just for standard postage as I've just recently gone CZ picatinny rail and normal mounts, but you're obivously much more tuned in

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    never ever received a PM from you mate, I'd have accepted your offer instantly!!!

    you may have PM'd the wrong person tbh.



    ps./edit. did you send your PM yesterday right before the network outage/shortcut thing that crashed the SD site, maybe that's why...honestly, you think you could offer me 2 sets of warne's and I just ignore you? no sir.

    anyway, no hard feelings and if your offer still stands, and they are indee for the 527 not the 550, I'd love to try them and pay you for postage.
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