Had a very kind invite from a mate to go out on Saturday to knock over some deer on his permission (sorry bud couldn't resist posting these pics!) - weather was a bit too still so we didn't see as much as normal, until we were wondering down a path bitching about the lack of deer...

My mate turned to me and said "I don't know why there's no bloody deer around... apart from that fallow buck over there with it's arse sticking out!" I thought he was joking until I turned around and saw the horse-shoe glaring at us from about 20yds away... I waited for hit to show his neck and put a bullet in it.

He dropped on the spot, so I went over and poked him in the eye with a stick to make sure... no response... so we got the knives out - he promptly started grunting and kicking but my mate quickly jumped in and stuck him in the heart so no real drama there. Have to say I now have very little faith in the poke-in-the-eye test!!!

I'd like to say it was a mercy kill, but in reality I didn't notice he had wire wrapped around his head until after I shot him as I could only see the antlers sticking out of either side of the tree his head was behind!!! He was obviously struggling to eat as was quite thin, and had also lost an ear to the wire. I'm not sure if that's the bullet wound in the picture or a result of the wire as I didn't skin his neck to check the shot went where I was aiming. The wound shown is on the entry side though so I think maybe it's the wire. Innards were pretty empty and a little bloated in places.

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As a bonus my mate also gave me half the meat as it wasn't worth taking to the dealer ...

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As far as meat hygeine goes it was probably "contaminated" or something... but as it was me and my girlfriend eating it, I personally though it tasted fine!!!