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Thread: Donations. Is is possible ?

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    Donations. Is is possible ?

    Is it viable to have a donations link were people can donate a few quid to the site through Paypal? I guess all that is needed is a paypal account set up using a stalking directory email address.

    I for one and am sure most would, donate to help with the running/up-grade of the forum.

    What do you think?


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    If it went on making the site run better then i would donate.
    But it would have to go on pre agreed stuff.
    as i for one don't look in as often as i would like to because of having to wait for the page to load and then having to keep trying till it does.
    some times it is better than others.


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    Yep - I'd chuck a few quid in - current server and time out problems starting to make the site unusable

    It works well on other forums, especially with a small voluntary donation for items sold through the "for sale" section.

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