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Thread: When do you spay a bitch??

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    When do you spay a bitch??

    Hi all, I'm thinking of having my Labrador spayed, she's 5 1/2 years old and kennelled with an entire spaniel and I'm never planning on breeding from her so thought I'd have her spayed as the easiest option.

    Can this be done at any time? I read somewhere about needing to do it at the right time so that hormone levels are at the optimum but can't for the life of me remember where I heard it.

    opinions welcome, thanks in advance!

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    The 'best' time in a bitch's cycle is 3-4 months after the last season.

    The bitch doesn't need to recognise she is pregnant (in season every 6 months, pregnant 63 days) so if you spay after a season you can get a very severe phantom pregnancy. Doesn't always happen as I have spayed a number of bitches that have been mated by accident in this period, even then the pseudopregnancy can be treated.

    You can do them anytime and the charities like the Dog's Trust do them when they come in.

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    Thanks. How will it affect her?? Will she get fatter and lazier? Or will she be the same? (Fat and lazy!)

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    She'll get fat only if fed too much! Flippancy aside, a neutered animal will get fat on the previous amount of food, so just reduce it. No change to laziness/energy.

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