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Thread: Labrador Joints

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    Labrador Joints

    Hi Guys,

    Whats the best age to have a lab bitch joints and eyes tested? when are they fully matured? My father is thinking of breeding his lab when she is 3-4 but was wondering if there is an ideal time to get joints and eyes tested?

    Cheers Rob

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    The bitch needs a microchip.

    Any time from 12 months of age for hip and elbow scoring.

    Are you having the eyes examined (only lasts a year) or having the DNA test done (lasts for the life of the dog) or both?

    If the eyes are being examined then the answer is within a year of intended breeding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    The bitch needs a microchip.

    are we still talking about dogs?

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    I nearly spat my coffee out when I read the title! I thought horse was bad but...!!!

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    for hips i would wait until 18 months,be carfull what vet you use.unless they do them quiet often results can be higher

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    Quote Originally Posted by longhair View Post
    for hips i would wait until 18 months,be carfull what vet you use.unless they do them quiet often results can be higher
    Its not the vet its the BVA that score the x rays




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    I would wait at least 18 months for hips/elbows. Its worth remembering that only certain vets can do the eye testing (I think its about 50 nationwide but I'll stand corrected!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    It is but they can only score on what they can see so it can make a difference on how good the xrays are so it can depend how good the vet is at taking xrays for scoring.
    The simple answer to the original question is lots of lab owners will get the scores as early as they can so they score as high as possible and have the minimum of wear. I had my GWP scored at 4 and she scored well and the vet was spot on but she did go to one who seems to have almost made a full time job out of it. The other difference is whether they sedate or do a full general anaesthetic I far prefered sending mine to one who just sedated and as she went with a friend who was having 5 dogs done at the same time the cost was low.

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