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Thread: Venison, Cranberry, Orange and Redcurrant burgers - awesome

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    Venison, Cranberry, Orange and Redcurrant burgers - awesome

    Guys a recipe for some superb veni burgers.

    Venison - fine minced 7lbs
    Pork Sausage meat - 1.5lbs
    smoked bacon - .5lbs
    Cranberries .25lb chopped finely
    Zest of 3 oranges
    Lots cracked black pepper

    Mix 1 cup water with Fine Breadcrumbs 3 cups and Redcurrant Jelly 3 tablespoons

    then Mix well with everything else - press into burgers - cook - enjoy (makes about 50-75 burgers depending how big!)

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    That sounds good! I've tried many burger recipes but not found any 'prize-winners' yet! I reckon you could probably use a jar of cranberry sauce maybe? I've got a small Munty doe which will be perfect to try these with. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers, MS.

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    Just tried these - very good!!
    Had to tweak it slightly due to non availability of cranberries! used a jar of sauce instead which had whole berries in. Also used pinhead rusk instead of breadcrumbs. I think this could go straight into sausage casings too (without the eggs).
    Thanks again!

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    Just a curiosity. Is the rusk a must? Or is it used to bulk the recipe out a bit?

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    I used breadcrumbs - just gives a better 'burger' texture - not essential by any means..

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    The rusk serves a couple of purposes and is basically a license to print money for butchers! It helps to bind the mixture and absorbs/holds the fat in the mix too. It also bulks it up for extra weight. I pay 19 for a 25kg bag but you can get them for about 15 bulk. Each kilo of rusk is mixed with an equivalent 'volume' of water which is generally 2 litres. Therefore a 25 kg bag of rusk becomes 75kg in weight just by adding water!
    Jimmy's farm sell sausages for about 11-13 per kilo and obviously a percentage of the mix is rusk. Average price is then 12 per kilo. 12x75=900, minus original purchase of rusk at 15=885.
    885 profit on a bag of rusk!!!!
    And you wonder why supermarket sausages seem a bit 'fluffy' and not have much meat in them. It's because they are full of fat and rusk! That's why they explode into flames when put on the BBQ!
    My sausage recipe uses minimal rusk and minimal fat and lots of meat. You can put it on the BBQ and walk away without risk of inferno!
    I know which ones I would prefer!

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    Anyone got a burger recipe without pork?

    I've tried beef mince, but it's not really fatty enough and they end up a bit dry.

    I'd like to be able to leave my burgers a bit pink in the middle so they don't dry out, but don't like rare pork

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    They wont go dry if you use pork as its the fat that keeps them moist - I quite often use bacon as well/instead and it adds a nice smokier flavour....

    If you are really worried use a low flavour oil to boost the fat content - I have used Olive oil in the past and the texture was good but the flavour was too much.

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    cracking recipe!!!!!!!!!

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