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Thread: this weeks fields sports

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    this weeks fields sports

    just ignored coronation street to catch up on my weekly fieldsports ,shooting show .
    take a look 25 minutes in tom wood shooting a fallow with a 308 no visible back stop
    this really didnt look good love to know where he shoots so i can give it a really wide birth

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    Camera angles can be extremely deceiving. YDS has a video on here showing shot and moving the camera to 5ft below him looks like a shot no one should ever take.

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    have a look see if youd take this shot theres no way i would cheers

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    is there a link to this one?

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    Fieldsports Channel | The best hunting, shooting and fishing

    Wouldn't take the shot from camera angle but with editing he could have been 50 yards up the hedge line with a safe backstop.

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    There's always one.
    Not being there we can not be in a position to know whether that shot was a safe on or not can we?
    As already stated, camera angles often show a very different view point than the actual path of the bullet.

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    I thought that he was using the rest of the herd as a backstop.

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    Think this camera no backstop thing has been done to death on SD
    Atb Steve

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    cameraman probably waited behind a bit and stalker went forward to get some backstop...... who can say? as we are viewing from a camera lense and not down the barrel of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    I thought that he was using the rest of the herd as a backstop.

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