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    Another new member

    Hi, my name is Paul.

    I've just started stalking - it is my usual Saturday morning pastime since giving up golf in January.

    I am based in Cambridgeshire and have been lucky enough to be introduced to stalking by a small, very private DMG (so don't ask!), at present mainly responsible for Muntjac and Fallow management for the long term benefit/conservation of the woodland.

    I have little money, but some spare time, swapped my golf clubs for a Mk1 Ruger M77 .308 with a cheap, but acceptable 6x40 scope (all for 200).

    Past experience include small bore 25, 50, 100m target shooting prone also some clay and rough shotgun (not too successful can't seem to get the hang of pointing the gun ahead of the target).

    Well that enough about me - time to make my first real post - its going to be about moderators, again - sorry.

    Regards, Paul.

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    Good evening paul, that seem's one hell of a swap, you doing the better option now, i'm new to stalking myself, been shooting for years, rough shooting etc, just done me DSC LEVEL 1 and can't wait to do alot more stalking, got 12bore, 177, 243 and 270 so cabinet rather full, i'm pleased mrs doesn't know what's init as i think she think i shoot everything with 1 gun. Looking forward to next weekend as start of pheasant season so saturdays are going to be busy to end of jan, have a good day

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