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Thread: RUST!!! How to get rid of it???

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    RUST!!! How to get rid of it???

    Well open my cabinet to find my M2 has started to RUST!!!

    Last used NYDish time along side my AL391 (Which is sorted in the same cabinet along with 4 other guns- Dehumidifier bags in the cabinet all the time.:confused: ). The AL is totally fine and the M2 is in a bad way

    Spoke to sportsman - They cant help or provide a suggestion, other than call GMK. Spoke to someone at GMK who seemed to lack even the slightest form of customer service skill.

    But how do I cure the rust and stop it from happening again??


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    Polish the metalwork until all traces of rust have gone then coat lightly with gun oil. I find that it is helpful to allow the gun to warm to room temperature before putting it away - after all the usual cleaning routine has been done. atb Tim

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    you clearly have been negligent in your regular stalking duties and left them too long, or you simply own too many rifles and some aren't getting regular exercise. ..Only joking ;-)

    I find parker hale express gun oil keeps them rust free for ages

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    My flippant answer would be :-

    Buy decent guns .

    Ok now it's obvious you need to review your maintenance ideas as it's not working.

    Firstly you need to leave the gun out until it's reached room temperature................................... I know the plods won't like it! but this is the way it has to be done. Once it's at that temp wipe it down then oil it. A wipe over with an oil dampened patch is enough. Then check weekly. As PKL says the Express oil works well.

    Where you live will make a difference to as how long you cna leave them. In Surrey the flat was very dry and never had a problem. Here in Lincolnshire it's much more humid and cheacks need to be dome more often.

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    rub with very fine wire wool soaked in oil wont harm the finnish but will get rid of rust


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    Usually I leave a gun (shotgun/rifle) in the airing cupboard for a few hours, obviously not leaving the house, with mod off and bolt removed.

    Then give it a wipeover with an oily cloth.

    In the gun cupboard I put all the little sachets of moisture absorbent material often found in bags and cases that I can find, they seem to work.

    ATB WB.
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    All metal work on my rifles is protected with neutral shoe polish, rub it on just as you are polishing a pair of boots and buff it off with a soft cloth, a micro thin film of wax is left on the matalwork protecting the surface from the elements.


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    lately I've also been experimenting with a spray based oil/rust preventer that has PTFE properties, it's supposed to help reduce the risk of rust, reduce wear, protect the blackening, and also help slick up the bolt travel in the receiver raceways.

    must say it's too early to judge whether it's working , but I'm trying it on one rifle this year.

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    Depends on how deep the rust is, but metal work eraser type block may do the job - I've used the Lanskey eraser for this and its worked well. There could well be lots of others.

    I've used light oil wipe, Ren Wax etc - but you need to have a dry gun to start -as others have mentioned.

    We use/sell, so declare bias - but Sentry Tuf cloth does work very well. Standard is invisible and Marine version does leave a visible finish - which some prefer as they 'know' it's there.

    Hope you get sorted.
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