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Thread: a successful end to the day

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    a successful end to the day

    Went out with mark 37 off SD on sunday morning to try for a couple of foxes that have been hanging round a farm we shoot on.
    We split up and within 15mins mark had shot one in a valley behind the farm, covered in reed beds and tussucks and scrub.
    he found the blood trail and followed it for about 100yds before loosing it in the reeds.
    we spent over an hour looking for it, and I tried phoning my son to bring griff up but he had taken him out and wouldnt be back until late afternoon, so no option but to go home and call back later.

    We got back on the land at 4.30pm and took griff to the shot site, within seconds he was off and tracked it on past where mark had lost the trail, he covered another 150yds then started air scenting, finally going on full point 10mins after being put on the trail.
    I sent him in and the fox tried to bolt but griff pinned him down despite getting bitten a few times in the process. I called him off and mark despached him with his .243.
    when we examined the fox we found his shot had gone hrough the brisket and front leg but not hit any major arteries, so really pleased we went back and found it.
    Well pleased with griff, the trail was over 9hrs old and he had no problem following it to a successful conclusion.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Good one , i no not many will agree but even foxs deserve this type of respect if wounded,

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    My on outlook on this
    you can't claim it if you don't find it
    but this post goes to show not every fox is a dead fox once shot
    good post and bloody good find
    i hav had them run a lot farther with little or no blood when hit with the 30-06
    but good feeling when the dog finds them for you
    another one to put in the book
    well done for a successful follow up
    many would not of bothered

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    The worst feeling is not knowing if your prey is still suffering.
    I dont like leaving anything I think Ive hit wether its a deer,fox, game bird or corvid.
    Best feeling in the world when the dog finds it though.
    Stone. i am really pleased with griffs progress, he will be 3 in may, and is maturing nicely.
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    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    the only game that deserves to be left wounded are parking attendants

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    + one PKL. just got a ticket for parking outside my own house whilst I unloaded some bags of coal.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Job very well done. Sir

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    + 1
    very well done for taking the time to track and look, there's lots that would'nt......!

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    if a job is worth doing its worth doing right, good when the dog gets a workout and a good find ,well done for taking the time to finish the job in hand right to the end

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