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Thread: Scientists recommend a 50% cull of deer in UK

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    Scientists recommend a 50% cull of deer in UK

    Just read the below on the BBC website..

    BBC News - Deer: 50% cull

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    It's even the second story on BBC 1 news this morning. But why do hey get the RSPCA to comment on it?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Just got in and seen that..

    Is the fella in Norfolk taking the shot one of our own
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Who commissioned the report?

    Because like all statistics, they can be presented to support the underlying argument being put forward by whoever is paying for the research.

    They got their figures by driving ​about the countryside?????

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    Count yourselves lucky, the problem that we have over here on the Isle of Wight is that we have very few wild deer, and even now we have some FC "New Forest Keepers" over here trying to exterminate them! Hopefully a few more deer will swim across to replace those that they have killed. atb Tim

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    I've just seen this on sky.
    One of the presenters said and I quote " letting them breed and then killing them seems a strange way of controlling them"
    Made no sence to me. But there was a nice buck walking across the road where ever they filmed it.

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    I hate when journalists get hold of a story like this, everyone suddenly thinks that all deer are a problem and that we have twice the number we need everywhere. There was no mention of individual species being the problem in specific areas. It is like saying "50% of all birds need to be shot each year because they all eat farmers crops"
    I think there must be some underlying reason for this to be presented in such a biased way. Perhaps somebody wants the public to think that we (stalkers) are not doing a good enough job of managing the UKs deer population, this would make it easier for them to say "you need to be qualified to cull deer" ie make DSC1/2 compulsory or to issue tags for deer or gain more control in some way or another. I don't like it.

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    Now we just have to wait for all the anti's to come out
    Its just a shame the UK has gone so far away from country side pursuits. Just been in Ireland when nobody bats an eyelid to a man walking between feild with his rifle deer stalking. This country to be spotted we would have the armed response out.. lol

    Well I hope we can all get a bit more stalking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pg2008 View Post

    Well I hope we can all get a bit more stalking.
    That would be nice but don't count on it
    From the link:
    "The results indicate that existing management strategies are failing."
    They are saying that we (stalkers) are doing a crap job, I doubt if this will lead to recreational stalkers being given more ground to shoot over by the government.

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    Perhaps now the farmers/woodland owners will feel more pressured into employing us to control their pests instead of thinking we are a cash crop like cows to be milked dry.

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