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Thread: Pheasant Syndicate Places - Kendal/Sedbergh

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    Pheasant Syndicate Places - Kendal/Sedbergh

    Small friendly DIY Syndicate J37 M6 has vacancies for the coming season.

    We currently have vacancies for 2 full guns and one 1/2 gun or five guns who are hard working and enthusiastic in our shoot. We shoot over approx 1500 acres of varied land, mainly pheasant but duck flighting also available.

    New members must be local and prepared to help on the shoot all year round. In particular new guns will be required to assist with pheasant rearing in July and August. Insurance essential, dog almost essential, 4x4 desirable.

    This year we are planning ~8 driven days with boundary/rough shooting days in between.

    Shoot fees 550 for full gun with 100 joining fee and 275 for gun with 50 joining fee.

    Please PM me here if interested, including a few details about yourself.

    Thanks for looking.


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    What's a joining fee ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    What's a joining fee ?
    A one off payment made in the first year only

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    Its to cover the cost of existing infrastructure that you are about to enjoy the benefit of like release pens etc

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    Im one of the members of the shoot, I got 12 days in this year with boundary days, sadly I couldn't make all the days as Im still serving military and work envatable gets in the way.

    This is real value for money 23 a day it cost me and I didn't shoot them all. Hence why I'm back for another year. Beats paying 100 for a single rough day. Its grass routes with a good bunch of like minded people with the theory of you get what you put in.

    Also got woodcock and snipe

    Jon will look after you.

    Hope to meet some new members in the not to distance future.
    All the best
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