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Thread: Hanging roe in the Chiller:

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    Hanging roe in the Chiller:

    I've hung some Roe Buck (Haunch) in the Chiller for 2 weeks to see what would happen more out of curiosity than need for it.

    On boning-out the meat and slicing it up into steaks - my my its very dark - what's peoples thoughts on it? My dad reckons it will give me gut-rot! Meat seems fine though and smelt fine???


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    If it doesn't smell bad then I'd still go with it, but it's probably going to be gamey so maybe take a small piece first, flash fry it and see what it tastes like.

    I've been told you can hang venison for between 2 days and 2 weeks, with older animals needing longer. I've never gone for more than about 5 days max for a rutty old roe


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    Hanging roe in the Chiller

    Tommo, unlike Willie, I tend to hang roe for around a fortnight at about 3c. (in the skin). However, any of the meat exposed to the air tends to go dark. I don't think you will come to harm eating it but, if you wish I could come and collect it from you and dispose of it.

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    I leave mine for up to a fortnight and there is nothing wrong with the meat. I know some people that will hang reds for up to 4 weeks.

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    See l usually hang for at least a day or two then skin and butcher Munties, and l hung the Roe for 3 days in the skin, skined it all and butchered most of it apart from the haunch - then left it in the chiller at about 4 Deg - for another 10 -11 days.

    We had some friends around last night (missus' friends l might add) and they know l stalk a lot (they keep asking to taste venison etc.) - l was daring my missus to fetch it out earlier in the day to defrost to grill for them for tea! - She wouldn't do it -


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    i hang all my deer for atleast a week before processing normally at 0-4 degrees depending on what the fridge is set at
    munties are usually skinned on the same day unless they are donated to a good cause
    but if you skin it and then hang it it will go dark
    no matter
    but to invite the OH's friends and not hav venison
    that is a crime
    better invite your mates and hav a better time........

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    I have seen Roe hung in a gamedealers for 6 weeks before processing!
    THe same with pigeons , some being sat there for at least a month before breasting.

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    oops pressed the wrong button Tommo I find that 7/10 days is enough for , me my taste etc , you can hang as long as you like , longer the more gamey!! provided , you keep at around 7 c . ! you should be safe !! 8) . But if peeps prefer a more tougher version ! dont hang just do the biz , That is for those without chillers !!. 48 hrs in a non controlled enviroment . it gets whiffy!!
    Cheers me deers

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    If you skin your deer but dont want it to go dark, bag it in a large plastic bag and it will not dry out or go dark.

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