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Thread: Larsen Trap recommendations

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    Larsen Trap recommendations

    I suffer a continual problem with magpies and carrions in my garden, due to location and being overlooked shooting them with the air rifle is not an option. Clearly a larsen trap would be the way to go so can anybody give me some pointers to which make to buy and what to avoid. Also suugestion to how I bait it would be helpfull. What is the likely cost. Patrick Pinkers is close by.

    With luck I should be able to position the trap in a discrete area.



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    Eggs and maybe the odd dead rabbit should attract magpies or better still get a call bird from a different area and they go ballistic over that

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    If your handy with wood you can make yourself one..... here is a link to the article

    Good luck

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    I like the albi trap larsen , their strong but light weight . You know what baits to use , its a bit early for eggs but i like to use plastic or crock eggs in the trapping compartment and feed the decoy bird mixed corn and dry dog food

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    If you are going to buy one then i would go for an all metal one, they last forever.
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