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Thread: Hunting Film.

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    Hunting Film.

    Hi all.

    This may seem a really daft post, it fact I know it is ha ha.

    I am not a hunter/stalker myself but follow things with a keen interest. I am also very interested in videography.

    I am looking at putting together a video project and would like to see who on the forum has any interest.

    Things are still very early days, however I am looking to put together a part real/part fake documentary in a stalking/hunting setting. The plot is that a cameraman ( me ) follows an established stalker on a hunt, but during the trip things start to go wrong.......very wrong indeed.

    I would be seeking to recruit a main star, part Johnny Kingdom, part Ian Hartford. Someone who has stalking and hunting skills but is also great in front of camera.

    I would also require some quality land permission to shoot footage on. Not seeking to take animals, just permission to be on land.

    Presently the budget is near zero, however I will be providing full filming equipment and transport etc. Shooting schedule would be two or three days.

    My second idea is just to complile a basic observational documentary. Again if any one has insight into this I would welcome any advice.

    Thanks for any interest and feel free to ask questions

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    I am not your Kingdom / Hartford star, but would like to say if things are going to go wrong.........very wrong?

    Can you make sure its NOT the stalker or the stalking that makes the mistakes!
    We have shooting and stalking in enough films already that show shooting in a bad light .

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    I can assure you my rough outline does not show shooting in a bad light. The role of shooting/stalking serve as a backdrop to what is in essence a survival theme.

    Any stalking footage shall show shooting in a positive light, indeed it would be crazy of me to produce a project which alienates my main auidence, the stalker/hunter/shooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camerahunt View Post
    The role of shooting/stalking serve as a backdrop to what is in essence a survival theme.
    In that case I think it should be filmed on some land within earshot of a dual carriageway in Surrey, and after a few days at the hands of the worst that an unforgiving Home Counties nature can throw at them, out heroes stumble out of the woods into the car park of a Harvester.

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    Also, you may struggle to make a better hunting thriller than Trollhunter:

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    But funny...

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    Quote Originally Posted by camerahunt View Post
    I would also require some quality land permission to shoot footage on. Not seeking to take animals, just permission to be on land.
    Forgive me, I'm a mistrusting, cynical SOB, but to me, this stinks. It's like the sterotype scam. Offer something that appeals to someones ego, whilst incidently requesting something of value.

    You don't shoot, you don't want to include the taking of an animal, but want some "quality land permisson" to film on !

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    Why does this stink? You obviously have no working knowledge on how films and docs get made. Perhaps you could have asked a question rather than proclaming my plans stink.

    I am developing a project and need legal permission to film on a land and thus use the footage. As the backdrop is a stalking and hunting theme I felt it may be of interest to others, perhaps those who shoot and enjoy video production or those who have land and are receptive to productions using thier land. If the project goes well then the land or estate owner stands to benefit. Furthermore if there is a video star in the hunting community then he will stand to benefit also. I am providing the equipment, the transport, the food, the drink and my time. If you consider getting off your arse and making something happen to be a scam then I feel very sorry for you. I would add that it may be your view that stinks. No one is getting scammed. I am using MY money and have chosen YOUR sport.

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    Personnely I would prefer to watch a film on stalking/hunting that was reality and not set up as fake
    nothing fake about stalking interests me regardless of wot money is spent
    if on my ground I would want it real
    Why would you as genuine stalkers/hunters to help be part of a fake documentary just because you want to fund it thinking it would be if interest to us??

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