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Thread: Why 6x42 scope when bins are 7x42 or 8x40

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    Why 6x42 scope when bins are 7x42 or 8x40

    Why did they settle on 6x42 riflescopes when most binoculars are 7x42?

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    Maybe with a scope you are only using one eye?? and with binos you are using two ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 177landy View Post
    Maybe with a scope you are only using one eye?? and with binos you are using two ??
    Maybe.... it's because you see it and need to correctly identify it with the nice, "safe" bins... then only aim at it and shoot at it using the scope (attached to a lethal, slaughtering instrument) once it's close enough to do so.

    Or is that just me?

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    Because it works
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    42 divided by 6 = 7

    7 is the magic number - i.e. 7mm is the maximum apperture that the human eye can use. ( The term is exit pupil I think )

    Traditionally binoculars were often 7 x 50 ( 50 divided by 7 = about 7 ) Magic number again.

    Or 8 x 56 by the same calculation gives 7 .

    7 x 50 is a bit bulky to use when on the move & the trend recently has been to make them smaller - hence 42mm objectives.

    There is something in what Landy says - two are better than one so you see more through the binos.

    It's better that you can see a bit more through the bins than the scope - or is it?????


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    To get the 7mm exit pupil. (42 divided by 6)

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    6x42 gathers more light. 6x42 bins would be great but everyone seems obsessed with magnification. 6x is ideal for woodland when you're trying to detect movement, etc.

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    Good exit pupil size and small enough objective for a low mount. Saves weight as well (but that will never catch on).


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    Thanks, and yes i suppose the exit pupil is the key figure, although with 7x42, you are down to 6. I have 7x42 Zeiss bins and a zeiss 6x42 scope of the same vintage - the bins are definitely brighter and can still see through them after too dark to shoot with the scope and or to see with naked eye. I suppose with the binocular your eyes are close to the lenses and both eyes are being used, whereas with the scope your eye is 3 to 4 inches away and just one is used.

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    Remember the magic 7mm exit pupil is the max and would be only in the young ( Teens latest) in a dark room etc as it lessens continually with age

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