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    Lurcher dog

    I took in a Lurcher dog just before Christmas that was found stray. He is a rough coated big dog - looks like Deerhound x - he takes fur day and night and will live in or out.

    He is a cracking dog that now needs a new home - I don't want anything for him as he is in reality a stray - but a donation to H4H would be appreciated as we have housed him for 6 months or so now. Whatever donation you leave for him I will also match and pass on to H4H.

    He is currently at my kennels in Staffordshire.

    Before people start harping on, he is not chipped, the police, dog warden, RSPCA etc were informed at the time of him coming in and no owner has been forthcoming - so this lad is looking for a forever home.


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    Good luck with rehoming him , they make great companions and are very little trouble,

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