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Thread: Coloured Filters - Fox Control

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    Coloured Filters - Fox Control

    I've used red filters before for fox and rabbit control - but can anyone tell me how good a 'green' filter is for fox control ?

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    Following on from your other thread, I have found that I change colours. I suspect that any fox will get used to a colour and if they have had a bad experience with it, they will shy away. Just recently, I have been back having success with red - but prior to that it was amber - and prior to that white. I don't know if its season, or atmospheric conditions, but that is what I see. I haven't used green a lot, I have to say, but I have shot foxes under and ND3 (the green laser) and I found it easier on my eye - better definition of target than I get under red. Did it spook them? Perhaps a little less, but I think each colour has its benefits and the collective on here will all have their favourites. For me, it's amber, but none is right or wrong - it works or it doesn't.
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    Thanks Eric - food for thought.

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    I think that when I tried green and blue filters that spotting reflection from the eyes of foxes and rabbits was a lot more difficult, but it is a few years since I last tried them. I just rotate white, red and amber light these days.

    Does anyone else have recent experience of blue or green?

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    I mainly use red or just white light with dimmer, find the green usefull post harvest on the stubble more definition but as above you don't get as much reflection from the eyes. Good to swap about though, what runs at the sight of white or red light might just stand long enough with say green or amber.

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    i have used green on rabbits they dont sit as tight as on red,but the beam seems to go further or be a bit brighter than with a red filter.also it seems to take a little longer for your eyes to adjust after you turn the lamp off
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    Thanks for all the replies guys.

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