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Thread: Internet Explorer 10 and Editor Issues

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    Internet Explorer 10 and Editor Issues

    For those who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 you might find a few issues such as the Enter key not creating a new line when you are typing out a post. This is a known bug which we are unfortunately stuck with until vBulletin release a fix.

    However, as a workaround you can either:

    1) Set Internet Explorer to run in Compatibility Mode for the SD site.

    How to make Internet Explorer 10 run in compatibility mode

    In step 3 select Browser Mode as Internet Explorer 9


    2) Use the editor in non-WYSIWYG mode. When making your post press the A/A button in the top left hand side of the editor. This should allow Enter to work.

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    Works a treat mate thanks for that. I just pressed F12 and from the menu at the bottom of the page select Browser Mode and the Compatibility mode. I been faffing around changing with A/A thing for a week, this is better


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    Well due to vBulletin being hopelessly non-committal about a fix and the fact that IE10 was released to Windows 7 users via Windows Update a few days ago I have implemented a non-official fix!

    It seems to be working - I am posting this from IE10 without using any of the workarounds above.... If anyone has any problems editing please let me know!
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