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    hi my name is SIKA

    i am 5 months old,this is my first tracking session

    my owner dragged a deer skin for me to track he also put some drops of blood on the scent trail just to gee me up a little

    it worked and very shortly i found the skin it was hid behind a tree

    my owner was ever so pleased he gave me some titbits he had laid on top of the skin, can,t wait for the next session in a week or so i heard him say, o well untill then bye

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    Well done sikka. My owner gave me a tit bit, but I prefered to just rag the skin....I'm a paterdale!!

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    Well done Sika! Hopefully I will get to meet you and your master soon. Its great to hear from novice stalkers both the four and the two legged variety.

    Sika have you considered making a deer dog diary for the web site? I'm sure that we would all be very interested in your progress and exploits.

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    i think this is my owners plans beowulf
    but he has only trained shooting dogs before so this is new to us both, will keep all posted and who knows with all the advice there hopefully will be posted he might even train me aswell as i train him
    hi to all the other stalking dogs

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    Sika it sounds like a plan! I too am hoping to do some more writing this year. I don't think that being an expert on a subject is required for what we are both doing. If we were writing about Astro-physics we may be expected to be qualified in the subject. With our prefered subject we can fall back on the fact that this is an open forum and we have the passion to 'wing it'. I think you will do just fine, your dad I'm sure will help you out. If it all goes wrong just blame him!

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    Well done Sika

    Now get your owner to buy a special collar just for finding deer and make him put it on you just before training. This will help imprint the difference between work and play.


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    hi mark
    already on to that the ,other half is phoning bushwear in the morning for a reflective collar see following good advice
    had to make sure she was into deer first as my last spaniel was'nt but made a good bird dog instead

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    Hi Stone

    I use these people and order several collars at a time. They are excellent IMHO and prompt. Bushwear are fine though.


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    cheers for that site mark
    ordered a reflective collar this morning

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