A few months ago I was out stalking and noticed when I loaded a round and engaged the safety that it didn't feel like it engaged fully. I could see that the plunger wasn't fully depressed.
I unloaded the rifle and checked it without the bolt engaged and it worked fine, so I reloaded and again found the same issue, also discovering that it was sufficiently not engaged that the bolt could be opened with it in this position (normally the bolt is locked closed in this position).
I ended the stalking outing at this point as I was unsure of how safe it was.
when I got home I stripped the stock off to reveal the 3 crews holding the barrel in place, the middle one of these was visibly loose to my surprise, so, having removed the barrel completely and put it all back together with all screws tightened, I tried shutting the bolt again and engaging the safety, all was now working fine.
ok, so I figured, despite being somewhat worried that a screw seemed to have worked loose, this was the problem resolved. End of drama.
However, yesterday I took it to the range to zero it, and noticed the problem had reappeared. Figuring the same had happened again, I got home, stripped it back, but all screws were secure. I took it apart, put it back together, and again, problem solved, however this time I'm not sure how, or what was to blame.
i think the issue has to be in the mechanism with which the bolt lugs lock into the barrel but this is a 2 year old rifle, not some old beaten up wreck that's been over used and worn, it's fired tops 250 rounds (factory) and on the whole been a joy to shoot.......
any suggestions?
I'm loath so send it back to garlands as the headache and general dissatisfaction i get with that firm just fills me with dread!
help please!