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Thread: Norma .308 Ballistic Tip's

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    Norma .308 Ballistic Tip's

    Hi guys; Simply through lack of choice/availability I bought a couple of box's of the above from my local gunsmith. They grouped very well on the range in my Sauer 202. Didnt get the oppurtunity to test on live game(Deer) over that weekend. I've have read on the net very mixed reviews. Cutting to the chase, I have made a few Phone calls to my two local gun-smiths, neither as any Norma factory ammo .308 soft points in stock(Not much choice factory loads .308 full stop) 150grn would be my my prefered choice.One of the shops has good stock of these Norma ballistic tips all the same batch, hence I took a few boxes to try out. Now I know the .308 ballistic tips shoot & group well in my rifle, the crux is!! I'm off to South Africa early April,taking the same .308 with me. If i pushed the boat out and tramped a good few miles to gunsmiths further a feild, I'm pretty sure i could come up with the 80 rounds or so needed for My Africa trip, I may well end up doing just this. However, i'm contemplating going armed with the 150grn Ballistic tips. The hunting will be typical management hunt, plains game, Warthog, Sprinkbok, Impala, Blesbuck. I didnt get my trophy Kudu Bull last time out there, however this time He is high on my "To-do" list, this should I be fortunate to get the oppurtunity. I'm pretty sure the Kudu bull will be the largest game i will be hunting whilst in SA. Question is, am i taking to much of a chance with the 150 grn ballistic tip's? any suggestions for other factory loads "Soft point" preferably 150grn, one that a Sauer 202 takes a shine too from experiance. I'm kicking around a few ideas, not a great deal of time, only weeks now to get fixed up one way or the other. My "Gut instinct" says the Norma ballistic tips will do the business, however the PH may not be to thrilled with the choice? Any input or experiance greatly appreciated.

    Best regards
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    Btips are my first choice for reds in Scotland, but something like barnes ttsx are a much better bullet if you need more penetration on wider beasts.

    Top tip, if you're going to Africa, just get a couple of boxes of top end ammo, saves a lot of hassle and worry even if that means travelling a long way to get it.

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    Not sure where in Lancs you are based but malmo guns has a fine selection of 308 ammo including some 180 grain Sako super hammerheads which would probably do you very well. May be worth a phone call

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    180gr Sako super hammerhead would be a great choice. I like the Nosler hunting grade ballistic tip for deer but think something a bit tougher and heavier might be a good idea but am not an expert on African game ammunition.

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    Thanks very much lads, I've never been too but heard of Malmo srvet, I'm guessing maybe 40mins run from us, I'm near Bolton. Your replys basically confirmed along the lines i was thinking deep down, aint no point paying all that coin and travelling all that way to take a chance, even if it is only a slight chance of being just a little "Under Gunned". Paul seemed pretty confident on his Top tip,so i think i will now look to track down either some ttsx's, Nosler partition or other premium grade bullet such as the hammerhead. Cheers

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    +1 for Malmo in all respects except Wednesdays! Cheers, K

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